GeoCue + Terrasolid

Managed LIDAR Production

GeoCue + Terrasolid = A powerful LIDAR production system

GeoCue is tightly integrated with the Terrasolid (CAD) and LP360 (GIS) LIDAR production software tools, adding time-saving new features and project tracking to these best-in-class tools. This direct integration of third-party software can be easily extended to all your production software, creating a seamless, one-stop production environment for your team.

Get the maximum benefit from your Terrasolid investment.

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Jim Maloney


Terrasolid Products
TerraScan TerraScan is a versatile software package for processing raw airborne or terrestrial scanned laser data (LIDAR).
TerraMatch TerraMatch is a sophisticated application for correcting laser data points optimized for MicroStation® SE/J and V8 from Bentley Systems.
TerraModeler TerraModeler is a full featured terrain modeling application optimized for MicroStation® SE, J and V8 from Bentley Systems.
TerraPhoto TerraPhoto produces orthorectified images from airborne images. It is specifically developed to process images, which are taken during a laser-scanning mission.
TerraSlave TerraSlave for GeoCue allows a remote workstation to run TerraScan macros submitted to it from the user’s local machine. It eliminates the need to have a MicroStation license on the remote machine, significantly reducing software costs.

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