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What happens if we train our people and they leave?

What happens if we don’t train them and they stay?

GeoCue Training

Training is by far the most cost-effective way to increase the return on investment in your software. However, training is often an overlooked and the low-priority task for your production staff, leading to creeping obsolescence and a slow degradation in skills and knowledge. At GeoCue we offer structured training courses for both the GeoCue and Terrasolid software modules covering a broad range of topics and workflows. Regardless of your organization’s experience, we will work with you to develop a training plan that helps your staff become more efficient with the software tools while improving their understanding and depth of knowledge about the available options in each module. In addition to teaching tools and techniques in the software, we will cover the basic theory of underlying processes when appropriate, for example sensor calibration, as well as covering industry best practices and procedures.

Training can be scheduled on-site at your office location (highly recommended) or at our training facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Single training courses are scheduled for 3-5 days depending on course material, while a typical training plan will cover 1-3 weeks (3-5 courses) spread-out over 3-6 months depending on the specific needs of your group. Class size is limited to 5 people, although special arrangements can be made for larger groups. Each training course consists of a combination of instructor-led classroom sessions, hands-on exercises with sample data and tutorials for staff using your own data sets (if available). Problem-solving sessions can also be scheduled as part of the training engagement to address specific issues that you may have previously identified in a data set. If on-site training is not an option, we offer several scheduled training courses in Huntsville at various times throughout the year.

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Training courses are available in the following focus areas.
Managing Airborne LIDAR Projects in GeoCue* 3 days
+ Managing Mobile LIDAR Projects in GeoCue 2 days
+ GeoCue for Project Managers 2 days
+ GeoCue Advanced Customization with Environment Builder 2 days
+ GeoCue Advanced Tools 2 days
GeoCue DMC PPS Workflow Integration 2 days
GeoCue RCD30 FramePro Workflow Integration 2 days
Introduction to LIDAR QC and editing using LP360 for GeoCue 2 days
Introduction to TerraScan & TerraModeler* 3 days
+ Using TerraMatch for Airborne Sensor Calibration 2 days
+ Using TerraMatch for Mobile Sensor Calibration 2 days
+ Introduction to TerraPhoto for Airborne Surveys 2 days
+ Introduction to TerraPhoto for Mobile Surveys 2 days
+ Introduction to Powerline Classification and Vectorization 2 days
+ Advanced Topics 2 days
Our most popular training plan for new LIDAR production shops is to bundle Managing Airborne LIDAR Projects in GeoCue with Introduction to TerraScan & TerraModeler in to an introductory 5-day course followed the next month by a 5-day course on advance topics tailored to your specific projects. This 10-day bootstrap training has proven to be extremely effective at getting organizations off the ground and working effectively when deploying LIDAR technology. Please note training is one of our most popular services. We typically require 4-6 weeks advance notice to schedule an on-site training session.

* Typically completion of this course – or equivalent experience – is a pre-requisite for any of the follow-on ("+") modules.